The Film Forecast: Coming soon to a podcatcher near you

The Film Forecast is a comedy podcast in which our hosts Cavan McGinsie and Kevin Holifield watch previews for upcoming films and try to make an uneducated guess as to what the hell will happen in the film. 

Their predictions will most likely be about as accurate as your local weatherman is at figuring out the weather, and they're much more honest about their abilities than your local Roker -- and we think slightly more comedic.

They'll also be using their powers of prognostication to give an overall score to the film before it's ever released. We apologize in advance if they happen to go off on as many tangents as Deadpool, and do fake accents as well as Brad Pitt, but much like Tarantino they'll wrap it all up in the end (most the time). 

The first episode will take a look at the eighth episode of Star Wars, (or is it 9? where does Rogue One fit into the cannon? Was Rogue One really as good as everyone thinks?) And then they'll follow up prior to Halloween with a look at Stranger Things' second season. 

Be on the watch for episode one to drop soon. 

Cavan McGinsie